Online instant cash transfer without a penny transfer

Verification transfers are increasingly not a mandatory element of applying for an express loan. Sometimes doubts, transfers per penny are replaced by verification through a special application. This is good news for all those who do not want or cannot make a transfer confirming their credibility.

Until recently, making a verification transfer was one of the conditions for considering the request for payday pay. All because of paying a symbolic penny or USD to the loan company’s account, it had the opportunity to confirm the authenticity of the data presented in the application.

Optional transfer already?

Optional transfer already?

Posting a transfer from the applicant’s bank account was a reliable source of information about his basic personal data (name and surname and address of registration). Considering the fact that the funds from the loan are usually transferred to the borrower’s bank account, the verification transfer also allowed to make sure that the account number was correct. After all, nobody would like to be in a situation where the cash obtained under the loan would fall into the wrong hands.

However, the need to perform a verification transfer could sometimes arouse mixed feelings among customers. Hearing every day about fraudulent bank fraud attempts, people are becoming more cautious about ordering any symbolic fees. On the other hand, the applicant for the payday loan also took such measures well because he had no free financial resources. How would it make even the smallest transfer in such a situation?

To meet the expectations of some customers, loan companies began to look for alternative solutions for verifying the data provided by the customer. The solution to the situation turned out to be applications enabling confirmation of basic information about the applicant without having to make any financial transactions.

How does the application work?

The rules of the application are very simple. Depending on its variant, it is necessary (or not) to install it on your computer.

Then logging in to the bank account via it is enough for the loan company to receive all the customer information necessary for verification. Thanks to this solution, tens of seconds are enough for the lender to find out that the application provided true data.

A loan without a penny transfer, but with the Good Credit application

A loan without a penny transfer, but with the Good Credit application

The first of the applications enabling skipping the execution of the verification transfer in the process of applying for the payday loan is Good Credit. It does not require you to install anything on your computer because you can use it from the lender’s website. After submitting the loan application, in which the borrower provides all necessary personal data, he is redirected to the Good Credit application page.

The next step is to choose the bank where you have the account and log in to it. When logging in, the application sends the main customer data to the lender. The application does not interfere in any way with the list of payments made or information about the inflows to the account . The whole process takes several minutes (due to the need to complete the application carefully).

The Good Credit application is currently used by Good Finance. The application supports 23 banks, thanks to which a wide range of loan companies’ clients can use it.

A loan without a transfer for 1 penny secure?

A loan without a transfer for 1 penny secure?

Of course, the use of an additional application when logging into a bank account can also be a matter of concern. However, the developers of the above applications have ensured high security of their clients’ data . First of all, the connection while logging into the account is encrypted.

The application has access only to the basic customer data ( without viewing his account history ), and login details are not stored anywhere. Therefore, customers using them can be confident about the security of their data or funds accumulated on the account.

Creditworthiness – How banks assess you?

Creditworthiness is a measure of the ability to repay your loan. The banks, therefore, find out your credit rating before they give notice if you are granted a loan and what interest rate you are allowed to borrow. The information required is obtained by the lender by making a credit report.

When you borrow money, the bank lender wants to know that you will be able to repay the loan and all your usual other expenses such as rent and food. Your credit rating is an estimate of your ability to pay – a way of trying to assess your ability to simply repay the loan in the future.

To find out your credit rating, the banks take help from credit information companies, the largest being the Information Center. The credit reporting companies have large databases filled with up-to-date relevant information about all Swedes over 15 years.

What information are the banks interested in?

What information are the banks interested in?

The banks want to know everything that affects your finances and your ability to pay. Therefore, when credit information companies such as Good Credit or Good Finance make a credit report, the following information is usually included:

  • Marital status – whether you are married or not.
  • People accounting – whether you are a resident of Sweden.
  • Income information – your declared income in recent years.
  • Existing loans and credits – how much you have borrowed at present and how many and large credits you have been granted.
  • Possible payment notes and recorded debt balance – if there are payment notes and if you have unpaid debts with E-Money.
  • Previous credit information – what requests have been made to you in the past year.

How long will credit information be stored?

How long will credit information be stored?

There are provisions to regulate how long data will be stored – so that out-of-date information should not put a stalemate on new borrowers. When a task is removed from the databases, the industry term is that it is “removed”. For private individuals, the following storage times apply:

payment Notes

A payment note is usually saved for three years. If you have a payment note, then you have to wait until three years have passed for the note to no longer be visible on a credit report. This applies even if you paid off the debt.

Debt settlement

A debt restructuring statement must be cleared at the latest five years after the debt restructuring decision was made. Should the payment plan extend beyond five years, the debt restructuring information remains until the payment plan is completed.

Previous requests

An indication that previous requests have been made in the register may remain for a maximum of 12 months. The banks can only see requests one year back in time when they let a credit report. If you have any inquiries, you can expect them to disappear from the register to improve your credit rating.

How do I get a high credit rating?

How do I get a high credit rating?

Improve your credit rating

Credit reporting companies, and by extension the banks, take into account hundreds of factors when assessing your credit rating. In order to have a high credit rating, low debt, stable income, low capital deficit and a minimum of credit information are usually required in the last 12 months.

None of these factors individually explain a low or a high credit rating, but together they paint a picture of you as a borrower. It can, for example, there are advantages to doing the opposite in certain situations, such as giving the state tax reduction for capital losses.

Collect loans and improve creditworthiness

Another factor that credit reporting companies take into account is the number and size of your loans and credits. Collecting old small loans and credits with a collateral loan is always a good idea. By cleaning up the private economy you are interpreted as a safer and more responsible, which will be reflected by a higher credit rating. This way the interest rate will probably be lower the next time you compare.

Another positive thing about collecting their loans is that small loans often have a high-interest rate and hidden costs such as fees and invoice fees. By getting rid of them you get a lower monthly cost while improving your credit rating! Good Lender helps you compare over 30 different banks and lenders and since you can borrow up to USD 600,000 you can collect all your unfavorable loans.

The amount you apply for should correspond to the total for all your smaller loans and credits – here it is worth really going through your finances so that you get everything from smaller loans and installment purchases to credit card debt and any SMS loans. You choose a repayment period that suits you.

Within a few days, your new loan will be deposited into your account. Then you spend the money to settle all your expensive loans and credits all at once. Thus, by gathering your loans you get a lower interest rate and a monthly cost you are comfortable with.

Get a better look

Get a better look

Start by making a statement about yourself. This way you can see for yourself what information the banks will see. UC has a service called My Enlightenment. For USD 19 you get access to the information for 48 hours.

You can also post a request by letter to UC with your name, social security number, and signature and you want a register extract on yourself. The letter is sent to Good Credit, Register extract, 117 88 Stockholm. Then you will know free of charge what information is available about you in the register. The excerpt is then sent to your Census Address.

The other credit reporting agencies offer similar services. Often you can get a point on yourself at different levels on the information company’s own scale so that you can quickly see how you are assessed. That you have requested an extract on yourself is not saved in the register, so it does not affect your credit rating.

Review existing credits and loans

Once you get a good picture of how your situation is, you can begin to improve the situation. Since granted credits mean that you can quickly debt yourself by utilizing the credits, the banks see this as a risk increase. If you have credit cards lying around that you do not use, it is therefore smart to cut them and end the credit.

Fast Transaction with Web Credit

Banks, which provide favorable conditions to respond quickly to our needs, create special campaigns and opportunities for us. The old-fashioned loan processes are now outdated. The transfer of disappearance within documents and documents has closed.

Getting credit in the past was nothing more than torment

Getting credit in the past was nothing more than torment

There was an intense process to wait in the long queues and complete the documents. But with the developing technology, they made radical changes in banks within their own body. All the main changes made also provide convenience and time savings for us.

You can now use the web loan feature to learn the loan that suits you best and start the loan process. So what is a web loan, how do I and what are the advantages?

Web credit is a short application form that you will make by determining your TR identity number, mobile number and the type of credit you will receive over the internet. Shortly after making the application via the internet, your application will be evaluated and you will be informed as soon as possible if you can receive the loan or not according to your credit score. After your credit is approved, you can simply go to the nearest branch and get your credit by taking your identity card with you.

Web credit is a method that you can learn the interest rates

Web credit is a method that you can learn the interest rates

Evaluate the installment options and learn the procedures of all banks in a short time, in a fast and reliable way. Thanks to this feature, which provides access to information online instead of searching for individual banks or visiting them, taking credit is now easier.

Moreover, if you have any questions that come to your mind from the moment your credit confirmation answer comes, you can reach the consultants that banks provide for you 24/7. You don’t have to be a bank client to ask the consultants any questions you have. Also, you do not need to be a customer of that bank while making web credit transactions. Even if your application is accepted, even if you are not a customer of the bank, if your credit points are positive, you can request the loan you want from banks.

For example, with a web loan, you can use general purpose loans without going to the branches up to 15.000 USD and have your money transferred to your account instantly.

Web loan not only provides applications for personal consumer loans but also serves SMEs and commercial/corporate firms. SMEs or commercial/corporate companies can easily apply for their special interest-rate loans, they can use loans with a credit limit of up to 55,000 USD and installments up to 36 months. Moreover, when going to the Branch to use the loan, it will be sufficient to take only your identity card with you.

After making a web loan transaction

After making a web loan transaction

You can quickly calculate the loan as soon as you receive your credit approval. Thus, you will have the opportunity to easily calculate how much you will pay monthly. You don’t need to be a bank client to do all these transactions. Having a high credit score will be an advantage for you in the loan application process. Therefore, you should be careful that your credit score is as high as possible. When it comes to needing, this is of great importance in terms of not having difficulty in obtaining credit.

Web credit and loan calculations are a great innovation apart from the old-fashioned banking rules, and for us, our customers maintain their existence day by day and improve themselves. Remember, you can apply for a loan over the web in less than 2 minutes just by entering your TR ID number and phone number. You do not need to do anything else to get approval in a short time, and this feature is just one of the most important advantages that web credit offers us.